Meet Central: Paper To Paperless.

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Starter: A synchronized & streamlined start for every heat.

The Starter role increases accuracy and speed of the swim meet. A key feature is the automatic start and synchronization of all the timers’ stopwatches, which eliminates human error.

Starter Role Screenshot

Timer: Same familiar stopwatch. No more hand-written results.

The Intelligent Time Card eliminates cumbersome paper and pencil reporting—all from the Timer’s mobile device. The burden of hand writing swimming results is a thing of the past!

Timer Role Screenshot

Stroke & Turn Judge: Simple officiating right from your personal device.

The Stroke & Turn Judge officiates each meet from their mobile device with the Intelligent Disqualification Card. Say goodbye to wet paper DQ slips forever!

Judge Role Screenshot

Scorekeeper: Every summer swim meet now has a scoreboard.

The Scorekeeper oversees an Intelligent Scoring System that calculates and displays real-time results to parents, swimmers, and coaches. The Intelligent Scoring System eliminates the burden of manual calculations and paper-based reporting for the Scorekeeper.

ScoreKeeper Role Screenshot

Swim with an Olympian

In preparation for the 2014 summer swim season, your summer league can experience Swim with an Olympian. At no cost to your league or your club, Olympic Gold Medalist Charlie Houchin will come out to swim with your swimmers. Parents will have the opportunity to use Meet Central and receive a free demonstration, gaining a first-hand experience of using the product. By using Meet Central to run Swim with an Olympian, your swimmers will have the evidence they need to prove that they swam with an Olympic Gold Medalist! Just remind your swimmers to bring their cameras and t-shirts/swim caps for Charlie to sign!

Meet Central is the only intelligent mobile operating system specifically for summer swimming & the swimmers and parent volunteers that make each season great!

Contact us today to learn how your summer league can experience Swim with an Olympian. We will work with you to coordinate your league's Swim with an Olympian at a time that is most convenient for your parents and swimmers.

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Summer Club Kickoff

For your summer swim club’s 2014 season, you will find everything you need for a great summer swimming experience in your Meet Central Kit. Let Meet Central kickoff your summer swim season right! Here's how:

WiFi Router

Your mountable Meet Central WiFi router is rugged for outdoor conditions and is preconfigured to simply plug and play—creating an optimal wireless local area network to run your swim meet. Any mobile device running the Meet Central app will automatically connect to the WiFi network created by your Meet Central router. No tech know-how required—HydroXphere has you covered.

Lanyards For Officials

Our HydroXphere lanyards complete the ideal user experience. Your Starter, Timers, and Judges simply place their mobile device into our universal waterproof pouch. Worn around the neck like a standard stopwatch, our lanyards intuitively keep your timers’ devices at the ready and prevent devices from falling onto the deck or into the pool.

Your summer swim club can try out Meet Central before next season with no obligation. With a small refundable deposit, we’ll ship your Meet Central Kit to your door. Take Meet Central for a spin and run your club’s pre-season time trial and intra-squad meets. If you love your experience, we’ll register your club with ease. If it does not fit your club’s needs, ship it back and we’ll immediately refund you.

Experience first-hand the benefits of running a paperless summer swim meet in less time, with less volunteers and with less manual complexity.

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